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Read Chapter 6 and answer the questions listed below: | Rated A+
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Read Chapter 6 and answer the questions listed below:

  1. You are developing a program to increase the physical activity levels of college students on a campus. Apply this situation to each of the theories. What would each theory suggest is behind a lack of physical activity in college undergraduates? 
  2. Using FIU Online library, search for an article in a professional journal that reviews the literature associated with one of the theories discussed in this chapter. According to the article, for which target population was the theory developed and tested, and to what health behavior(s) and environments was the theory applied? Give a detailed answer.

Read Chapter 7 and answer the questions listed below:

  1. As a member of the planning committee for a community-wide program to decrease the rates of teen smokers, you are asked to describe the value of a well-written mission statement to the other program planners and representatives from the target population. Include in your statement a description of the relationship of the mission statement to the initial needs assessment, the development of program goals and objectives, programming efforts, and evaluation. 
  2. For your worksite wellness stress management program, write an objective for each of the eight levels of objectives.

Answer all questions in detail and support your statements with references. Follow APA guidelines and cite a minimum of 2 references in-tex

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