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WEB 236Week 5 Learning Team Paper
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The Huffman Trucking navigation links are short, descriptive, and clear.  The links are at the top of the page allowing customers to see the links as soon as the site appears.  Furthermore, the links are not too long and there are not too many links for a customer to have to scroll through to find the information they are looking for.  Before each link there is a colored square, allows a customer to know his or her current location on the website.  When navigating through the site, the customer can click on any link and still have the list of links at the top of the page; therefore, navigating from one page to another is effortless.  The website also loads quickly so a customer does not have to wait very long which is a helpful feature because if the load time is too long a customer or potential customer could become frustrated with the website, which results in frustration with the company as well. 

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