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Web 236 Week 2 Individual Assignment - Advance Presort Website Design Plan
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One purpose of the website will be to provide information about APS and USPS rules, regulations and guidelines.  Another purpose will be to explain in detail what services APS provides.  The site will describe the savings a company can incur by using APS to sort their mail.  A site visitor will be able to find links to events that are going on in the postal world by browsing the new APS website.  The target audience for this site will be companies that are looking for savings on their outgoing mail, metering fees and labor and/or savings in their labor force from processing their own mail.  Another audience would be individuals who are curious about the mailing industry and need to find out how the industry works.  The site content will contain text, definitions, links, pictures, videos and all the information needed to provide the target audience with the needed information.  

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