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SOC 120 Week 3 Assignment
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In today's society, women have more rights than they did even twenty years ago. They have the ability to get jobs, vote, advance agendas, and decide events based on their own unique perspectives. However, lawmakers are fighting to return women to voiceless baby machines, fighting to suppress their rights to choose when and how to have children, attend school, and even what jobs are available to them and how far they might advance. A large portion of the poverty rate is due to women, most of whom are single mothers that were forced into that situation due to parochial and patriarchal ideals. This is neither right nor ethical, and detrimental to society. Utilitarianism demands that what is done must be done for the good of the whole (Mosser, 2013, Ch. 1.6), allowing neither egoism nor emotivism to pick and choose what rights belong to whom. Women form just over half the population of the United States, and deserve and demand the right to have a voice that can decide the course of future events, both politically as well as domestically.

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