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SCI 207 Week 5 Final Paper
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Vinegar, oil, and liquid laundry detergent were added to water samples, then strained through soil-lined cheesecloth to examine the effects of residues on soil and groundwater in the first experiment, and results were found that support a conclusion that any contaminant being introduced into groundwater leaves traces. In the second experiment, a filter was built out of sand, activated charcoal, and gravel, contained within a cheesecloth-lined funnel, and water than had been mixed with soil was passed through it, with several drops of bleach being added to the resulting liquid to sterilize it. The results of this experiment appeared to conclude that filtration and sterilization allowed 'contaminated' water to be cleansed and rendered safe for drinking. The third experiment consisted of testing tap water and two types of bottled water for various contaminants, and appeared to show that filtered water is the best, as well as concluding that not all bottled water is of the same quality.

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