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INF 336 W2 - Assignment - MRO
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In the MRO, maintenance, repair and operations, article I found multiple practices: subcontracting, outsourcing, and make and buy.  When dealing with MRO there are many challenges such as visibility on spending, knowing the right levels of data and strategies of management.  Our text states the MRO budget covers a purchase plan, typically for a 12-month period, for maintenance, repair, and operating supplies (Johnson, 2010).  The first example I can think of is the apartment complex we live in and their MRO use. 

            The corporate management team only allows for so much of the budget to be applied to our complex.  Our complex is one of the older properties they have under their ‘belt’ of properties.  The MRO supplies needed for this property are needed more often and usually immediately when there are any problems for failures. 

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