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CRJ 301 WEEK 5 ASSIGNMENT ( Final Paper ) 2
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To understand causes of juvenile delinquency is an elemental factor for averting a youth from engagement in improper, disastrous and unlawful behavior.  Issues will be proposed that may determine naive people tend to predisposed to unfavourable compulsiveness: such as oneself, complete family, emotional health and alcohol or drug addiction.  This can also be introduced that juveniles may be vulnerable to a liability in a number of these distinctions.  No two juveniles are of the same composition therefore the strategies and interventions will not work in a “cookie-cutter” fashion. There is an abundance of programs and locating that program is beneficial in fitting that youth.  The purpose of this paper is to explain what juvenile delinquency is and to distinguish the most competent approach to cease juvenile delinquency so this society just might embody a numerous amount of flourishing contributors to our society.

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