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COM 200 WEEK 4 ASSIGNMENT - Interpersonal Conflict in Film 2
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The film selection I choose was Spanglish because I never watch it before. The movie Spanglish was very enlightening experience, as much as it is an expressive experience. To communicate with someone who doesn’t speak the same language can be extremely difficult and frustration. The same way that foreign languages feel strange to us, some everyday things in American culture can seem strange to people in dissimilar nations and vice-versa. I saw in the movie how people can bond, even if they don’t speak the same language. Living in the same house with all very different beliefs, custom and values having a cultures clash or sparks was destine to arise. Every so often, we do not look at our own cultural values and beliefs until we are introduce to another culture. In order to communicate properly, we need to come to be self-aware and more sensitive to our culturally diversity. In the movie anytime John would try to communicate with Flo he would give her direct eye contact in the American Culture direct eye contact is sign of respect and Flo was avoiding eye contact is sign of respect.  Flor and John do not share a mutual language, Flor speaks only Spanish and John speaks only English, they shortly found themselves passionately involved with each other.

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