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COM 156 - Week 8 - Compare and Contrast Paragraphs - Version 2 2
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Week Eight Assignment

In my final paper I plan on using definitions. I think that this will help my essay out a lot. Using definitions will tell your reader the true meaning of your paper. It will allow the readers to get a full idea of what your essay will be saying, as in the main point of the essay. With me, I am writing about why Americans should not have a credit card. So, I have to make sure I get the point across and make them not want to get a credit card. By doing this I need to really put in my essay all the bad things a credit card can cause. A definition essay will also give details about the examples that readers may not understand right away. Detail is very important in an essay to me. I have to make sure in every essay I include plenty of detail throughout. It allows the essay to stick out and pull the reader in, wanting to read more. I want my readers to really believe that what I am writing about is bad in this case. I hope to provide a lot of resources from the internet to make sure my readers know about the consequences of owning a credit card. 

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