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COM 156 - Week 6 - Effective Persuasion - Version 2 2
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I think that my essay is going to persuade my readers to not get a credit card. I believe this because I have some really good points that I found on the internet. This is going to back my body paragraphs up with information that is indeed 100% true. I will not put in facts that are not true or that I can’t back up with my resources. I believe that my readers are going to realize all the damages that a credit card can cause and I’m hoping that they won’t get a credit. I do not believe that my essay is going to mislead for a biased essay because I am not really inserting my opinion into each paragraph. However, I do believe that some people might think it could have been because I put in a paragraph on how my life got messed up from me getting credit cards and going into so much debt. I really hope that my readers do not take my essay as a biased one. I worked really hard on it and I’m hoping I do receive a good grade. I think that 95% of my readers will think that my essay is very persuasive and about 5% will think that it is biased, based on my personal experience with 

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