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COM 156 - Week 4 - Write Your Thesis Statement - Version 2 2
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Credit cards can have a negative outlook on your credit score.  There are plenty of bad affects that credit cards can do to your credit.  For example, it can lower your credit score, which in turn can hurt you for future investments.  These investments may consist of buying a house or even buying a car.  Having a credit card is a big responsibility and you have to know that by taking on a card with a big limit there is always going to be a big monthly payment.   “Maxed out and over-the-limit credit card balances make your credit utilization 100%.  This is least ideal for your credit score.”  On another website, the author says "…having an open credit card that you never use can also negatively affect your credit score…”  If you do not choose to use the credit cards you have then the creditor might not report which will make your score drop. It will show that you haven’t had a recent activity with making payments.


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