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BUS 201 W3 - Assignment - Motivation
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            “Motivation may be defined as psychological forces that determine the direction of a person’s behavior in an organization, a person’s level of effort, and a person’s level of persistence in the face of obstacles” (Jones, 2011).  There are many theories in ways for management to best motivate their employees to succeed.  Employees have different needs/desires and a manager needs to figure out what will work best for the employees and type of business they are working in.

            Motivation from management is something important to the overall production and quality of work that is expected.  Managers should want to motivate their employees in order to get more contribution and inputs on any task.  It is good to help focus the employees on an ending goal or outcome and direct the focus on greater performance so it can be obtained.  There is also a good outcome when managers use positive reinforcement for outstanding performances and goals that are metbeyond what is expected.

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