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ACC 380 W2 - Assignment 100%
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Apartment Lease Contract

            Contracts are around us all, and a part of our everyday lives.  There are common contracts such as purchasing an item at your local grocery store or pumping gas at the gas station.  Contracts are legally enforced agreements between two or more people with multiple elements required in order for them to be valid and have consequences when and if one of the parties involved breaches such contract.  There are legal ways for parties to ‘get out of’ contracts and I will discuss one example.  A contract has many factors that all parties need to consider before entering into one with another party.  Contracts not only discuss the terms of what each party will be providing, but they also protect either party from unforeseeable events caused by the other party.  I will discuss an apartment lease contract that my husband and I have entered into and a legal way for us to breach such contract with the reason why.  This contract, as well as any contract, has to have five essential elements in order to be an enforceable contract and I will analyze and show how this contract has all five elements.  

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