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Determine feasibility of an ERP system (1)
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After the descriptions from the Managers it’s apparent that Bandon group has major challenges with the present state. Some of the problems can be solved by streamlining the organization, business processes and by replacing the legacy systems with an ERP system. An ERP system will sustain the practices in the company’s process. Many of the processes are also used by their competitors and implementation of an ERP system will not give Bandon Group any advantage compared to these companies but it will reduce the current disadvantage not using the best practice.

The Company is requesting eBusiness capabilities, and on-demand reports to provide the requested information for management. An ERP system will remove the challenge with inconsistent and redundant information, and provide the functionality that the company is looking for. This will enable the company to use one system instead of several legacy systems which should lead to a more proactive IT department

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