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BUS670 Legal Environment (NAF1234A)
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               Tort is actually termed under law of tort, which clearly defined it as those situations or conditions where the illegal conduct of one party causes harm to other that is party A had to face loss due to unethical or wrongful deed of party B. Tort can be either negligent that is unintentional or intentional. (Larson, 2003).Examples of intentional torts is fraud, defamation, offence, insult, assault or interference etc. For example, during a business meeting an employer suffers from a reputation loss or insult due to the wrong deeds of another employer, to whom he had fight. Negligence tort refers to the conditions under which the law will hold an individual, who has a duty of care to another individual; that is legal personnel will grab the person who is responsible for any harm or damage his negligence may have caused the injured party. (Jrank, 2011)

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