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BUS 660 Toyota Motor Manufacturing
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The drive through Georgetown, Kentucky is not only beautiful but it is home to a large manufacturing facility considered a sense of pride in the Bluegrass state. Containing more than 7 million feet of floor space and about 7,000 team members the Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Kentucky (TMMK) plant is the largest Japanese car plant outside of Japan. The TMMK plant produces approximately 2,000 vehicles every day or 2 cars every 55 seconds. To keep the plant running at an optimal level it takes many leaders and no two are alike. TMMK contains leaders to build each separate aspect of the car from the assembly line, inventory control, administrative personnel, and communications. Communications is responsible for ensuring the TMMK name and product are properly represented and reported in print and media (R. Hesterberg, personal communication, May 1, 2014).  

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