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Week 4 discussion 1 Goal-Setting
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It is important for employees to be aware of their roles to the organization when it comes to performance. Having noticed that they are not performing, it is my responsibility to go forward and identify the factors or issues that are making them not to perform as per the expected levels. In most cases, it is because they failed to create their own goals wisely. Now as far as the organization will have made a step and set its own goals, employees are still expected to create theirs that can be able to guide them in their day today lives at the organization. In my communication to the department, I can advise that they be helped in creating goals that can be of benefit to them and to the organization as well ” (daft, p.215). The organization will be responsible in making sure that the goals are line with the departmental goals and also with the entire organizational goals. I can also instruct the departments to make sure employees are motivated by offering training opportunities, and the organization can also come up with ways in which we can provide the necessary resources for the employees. By doing this, I don’t think there will be any reason as to why they won’t perform as it is expected. 

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