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Week 4 Assignment 2.1 Submission - Final Revisions Bad News Message
$ 15.00

Fields Corporation, Inc. is committed to providing high-quality electronic products, and we thank you for purchasing the Sanyo Tablet Version 2.3. Your most recent request for our warranty servicesubmitted on March30th, 2013, for a replacement of your Sanyo Tablet has been declined.After careful review of our records, you purchased this device on March 25, 2009, from our online website retail priced at $1,000. You also took advantage of the extended 3-year warranty on your electronic device at the time of your purchase. You will find below the reasons Fields Corporation cannot replace your device:


  • The warranty coverage of your Sanyo Tablet Version 2.3 device expired on March 25, 2012, one year ago.
  • The Sanyo Tablet Version 2.3 is one of our earlier models and has been discontinued in the market. The newest models Sanyo Tablet Version 3.0 and Mini Sanyo Tablet 2.5 are currently available.


Even though your Sanyo Tablet Version 2.3 is no longer available in the 

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