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CIS 336 Enterprise Architecture Week 4 - Assignment 2 - Telecommuting and the Mobile Worker
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Telecommuting can impact many different things.  The impact that telecommuting has on energy conservation is that it could possibly cut fuel cost and consumption.  It could potentially reduce Gulf oil imports by 24% to 48%, greenhouse gases by up to 67 million metric tons a year, and save 7.5 trillion gallons of gasoline each year (  In a study it was found that less than 4% of Americans work from home, though 40% of them have jobs that would allow them to telecommute.  If these workers would telecommute, they could avoid driving 154 trillion miles and save $25 trillion dollars in fuel purchases per year.  Currently in a study, there are 12 million employees and 16 million self-employed people who could possibly work from home at least one day during the month to conserve energy.  These are just a few ways telecommuting could affect the energy conservation.

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