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BUS610 Organizational Behavior Week 1 Assignment
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Culture is understood as believe, values and customs of a community or an organization.  Culture results from customs that are repeatedly practiced over a vast period.  Culture affects the perception, thoughts, views, and reaction of people to the specific environments.  The culture of a community is usually passed to new people through socialization.  Culture usually dictates the positions and behaviors of people in the society.  Culture is known to operate on different levels.  At work place, the culture of the organization usually operates differently at specific levels.  (Schein, 2010).  For instance in an organization’s meeting, it would be their culture for employers to be seated during the meeting proceedings, while at the same time, it would be the organization’s culture for employees to stand during meetings.  This paper explains the culture of the former working place of the writer, the observable artifacts of the culture, the espoused values, and the enacted values of the culture (Schein, 2010).

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