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BUS 620- Managerial Marketing week 1 assignment 1
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The challenge The New York Times face, with so much free access to information online, how will they earn profits amongst theircontemporaries?According to Carrasco (2013), “Netscape creator Marc Andreessen surmised that the widespread adoption of the Internet has cut the profits of venerable newspaper, which dismissed the Internet in the 1990s as something that wouldn’t be important in today’s world” (par.2).   In my opinion, people are just not buying newspapers anymore because the mass majority of people in society have either a smartphone or a tablets and it is much easy and convenient to pull a news article up on these devices. History illustrates for us that with time comes change and those who embrace change live to fight another day. The concept is similar to the conversion from VHS to DVD, cassette tapes to cd, with time comes change it is the same for the newspaper industry.  Unless The New York Times can find away to recover revenues lost due to classified ad moving to digital sites I do not see this company surviving. 

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