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BUS 401 W3 - Assignment
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Pursuing a higher education past high school has always been a goal of mine.  My mother made it a point, as I was growing up, to show me and tell me many reasons as to why it is very important to do so.  Higher education allows for many more opportunities, which would not be available without one.  Completing my Associates in Business and now pursuing my Bachelors in Accounting from a well-known and valued institute gives me more value when being looked at by future employers.  I have always loved numbers and math, also seeing my mother and aunt working in the accounting field has opened my eyes to see that is what I want to be doing since it comes so easily for me.  Having a higher education alone is great, where me having my degrees in business, accounting and a minor in HR management will allow for greater possibilities to climb the industry and management ladder within a company. 

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