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Ls 308 week 6 assignment Ronald Blair
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What is lawyering for social change? How does the opponents and proponents view lawyering for social change? What is an example of social change? The following will define social change, provide the viewpoints of proponents and opponents, and finally offer a real life example of lawyering for social change.

What is lawyering for social change?

Lawyering for social change is advocating for people who are underrepresented in society. It involves fighting for the disadvantaged against people in the power structure either due to wealth or politics. Often lawyering for social change involves ethnic groups fighting race issues, homosexuals facing inequality issues, women fighting gender or domestic abuse issues, advocating for people who have mental health issues or healthcare for all. Lawyering for social change is taking a social issue and making it a legal issue (Loewry, 2000).

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