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Organisational culture may be defined as the accepted norms and values that are associated with a particular company. These norms are seen as distinctive to a particular organisation and normally affect the way specific organisations go about implementing their organisational goals. These norms are also passed on from one group of the organisation to another. The most fundamental question that managers and other organisational stakeholders need to answer is what is the relevance of organisational culture to the way they go about their activities? Organisational culture is closely related to organisational strategy. Managers who normally experience problems are those ones who fail to merge organisational culture to their strategies. If new strategies are incompatible with the kind of culture prevailing at that time, then chances are they might fall fail. Numerous authors have explained how many companies have failed in their endeavors to change their organisation because they had a plan to reorganize and transform without looking at prevailing culture. (Locke, 1976)

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