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ENG 215-Persuasive Paper Part 2- Solution and Advantages
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  Ethical issues are usually found in big operations, where employee control is minimal, and customer rate is extremely high. Such environment could be found amongst the TSA daily airport operation and specifically within the security checkpoint areas.

  TSA employees go under detailed background checks, training for all types of training, but  don’t train on customer service. The checkpoint employees were often accused of inappropriate conduct by travelers, and some were accused of theft. The misconduct was addressed by customers who didn’t like to be touched by a TSA agent during a body search. Theft issues were also addressed by the customers as many of them reported lost valuables after going through bag search. The negative feedback didn’t prompt TSA to take immediate action towered its employees, and travelers were given no option, and not even a promise for a corrective action (The Verge, TSA misconduct article).   

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