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In today’s society, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial leadership has vastly developed and


has become more popular than ever.    Entrepreneurship is not just about being your own boss,


but   more of an individual who has a vision.  With the nation’s unemployment rate at its


highest, more people are making plans for their future.  According to Steve Case, the former


 AOL CEO and Chairman, entrepreneurship fuels the economy with risk-taking attitudes on


business and innovation that can change the world.    Case, indicates with a risk-taking attitude


you should also use his theory of the “3P’s” People, Passion & Perseverance.  This guide will


help direct and guide an entrepreneur to success.  Another theory that helps our society defines


and enter the world of “entrepreneurship” was created by a bestselling authors James M Kouzes


and Barry Z Posner, who introduced a leadership model.  This model introduces five practices of


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