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Since 9/11, American opinion has moved from initial rage from the mass murder to fear of the Muslim faith itself.  Many Americans are allowing this incident to forge their entire perception of a culture without ever getting to know them.  Robert Steinback wrote in the Intelligence Report(2011), stats that it has been an evolution from small or insignificant concerns to stereotyping which is the, "customary track of racism and zenophobia." This is how those who are either blind to or ignorant of the cultures of others can take on a fear and unsubstantiated blame.  As it pertains to Muslims, it has taken on the form of bigotry against an enemy the only perceive but is not really there.  This has taken form in many ways throughout our country and the world.  Muslims are constantly given extra "random" screenings at airports, gets the long stares, and anyone wearing a long beard and dressed in traditional Muslim attire is considered a fundamentalist.

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