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SOC203 W1D1 The Sociological Imagination
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Conflict theorists would explain the problem of obesity by emphasizing the inequality in the quality of food between the proletariats and the bourgeoisie. The quality of food differs greatly around the world and within the United States. Society’s inequities along social class, race and ethnicity, and gender lines are reproduced in our food production, manufacturing and distribution. People from disadvantaged social backgrounds are more likely to become obese, and once they do become obese, inadequate health care makes it more difficult for them to become well (Weitz, 2013). Conversely, the bourgeoisie have freer access to better quality food and medical care. This does not mean that they will not become obese due to the genetic factor and personal choices. What it does mean is that the bourgeoisie, if they do become obese, have a better chance at overcoming it.  

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