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ENG315 Week 2 Discussion
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I recall a time at the start of the economic down fall, there was a meeting concerning better ways to cut back on company travel expenses and wage cuts, so that we could maintain our current workforce. There were a couple of managers that did not want to stop the bonus process on part sales, because they said they needed the extra income to live. Well these managers were making in access of $110,000 a year and we needed the cuts to keep those that were only making $28k to $35k per year. Well to say the least the managers elected to go with a smaller workforce, so that they could keep their bonuses. All this one particular manager could talk about, that had been with the company for 15 plus years was, how he had to buy his wife a new car or buy his son who's a sophomore in high school a truck to get around in. This manager had a great influence on the other managers who voted for the decrease in the workforce and I just could not believe the selfish attitudes of these manager for their own personal gain, instead of what was the best interest of the company. 

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