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POL201_ Assignment WK2
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In a nation with a rich history such as ours, it is not hard to believe that we tend to disagree from time to time. We live in a country where our politicians argue like brothers and sisters on a Monday and by Thursday, they are shaking hands and laughing like the best of pals. That isthe Americawe know and love. One of the causes for some of our nation’s biggest disagreements stems from federalism.Levin-Waldman describes federalism as, “agovernmental system whereby power and authority are shared by national and state governments, with ultimate authority derived from the people (2012).States what to be granted more power over its people and monies among other things but the national government is not willing to fully relinquish control to the states, this is the case of the Medicaid program. Unlike Medicare, which is solely controlled by the national government, Medicaid is partially funded by the national government, and ran by the states.  Medicaid will only function correctly, if both the national government and state can come to an agreement that works for both without have devastating consequences for the people who depend on it. 

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