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PHL 458 Week 4 Individual Assignment Famous Thinkers Paper
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Dr. Martin Luther King and William Gates are the two famous thinkersI[A1]  will be writing about.  I will write about their contributions to society, how I think there theirpersonal, social, and political environments contribute to their creativity, how they solve their ideas and problems, how their ideas were implemented, what could they have done differently and I will be comparing how their creative process took place. [this is a Thesis Statement]

Famous[A2]  thinkers have little in common with what makes them reach his or her level of achievement. Creative ideas are the foundation of the creative process (Goodman &Fritchie, 2011).


While is it OK to use a personal perspective for some topics, such as "I, we, you", you should try to stick with one person and number (""). This paper is an academic paper and should use the objective 3rd person perspective, "he, she, it".

 [A2]This is really part of your Intro paragraph. Thesis

Note: Your Thesis Statement ends your Introduction, expressing the main purpose of the assignment and the sub-points to be developed, in one sentence, and at the end of an Intro that engages the reader with some "hook" such as the importance of your topic. A Thesis Statement for this paper might be "This paper will highlight the nature of thought by comparing and contrasting two famous thinkers, for their creative process, what shaped them, and a problem they solved."

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