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The use case is when the customer using bank’s automatic teller machine (ATM) to withdraw cash. First of all, I am going to give the customer name “withdraw” which is a primary actor in this case. There are few pre conditions that must be applied before the case start. The bank customer must have a debit card or credit card if it has cash advance option available. The network connection to the Bank System must be working. The ATM must have at least some cash stored that can be dispensed. The cash withdrawal service option must be available to use.  The use case starts when the customer put their card into the card reader.  Then, the card reader will read the bank information from the card. If the card read properly, it will ask the customer to put their pin number.  Once the pin has been entered, it will authenticate the customer and match with the system. If it matches, it will display all the options that are available to use. 

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