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4.1.     Reviewer question: Does the paper contain any ambiguously-worded or confusing sentences? Please list them below and offer a suggested revision for each one you identify.

We have been hired on to assist the ABC, Inc.; the ABC, Inc. has about 30 days to bring on 15 new trainees by July.

Delete underlined words and change the second part to, ABC Inc. has 30 days to bring on 15 new trainees.


A recruiter from the ABC, Inc. hired 15 trainees and told his boss that he would have been working by July.

            Change underlined word


His supervisor asked if he had everything in order to make this happen; training schedules, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, AND drug test. he reassured his boss that he had everything in order.

Make the underlined a separate sentence.

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