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Case study wk3 rough drift
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This is a brief overview about Case study Robins. In early April, Carl Robins, the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc., Successfully recruited several new hires in spite of having been at his new job for only six months; this was his first recruitment effort. He hired 15 new trainees to work for Monica Carl Carrolls, the operations supervisor. He scheduled a new hires orientation to take place June 15th, hoping to have new hires working by July. On May 15, Monica contacted Carl about the training schedule orientation manuals policy booklets physicals drug test and a host of other issues which Carl would coordinate for the new hires. Carl assured Monica that everything would be arranged on time. After Memorial Day Carl was at his office and pulled out his new trainees’ files to finalize the paperwork needed for the orientation on June 15. While going through the files Carl became concerned some of the new trainees did not have applications completed or their transcripts on file, and none of them had been sent to the clinic for the mandatory drug screen. 

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