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Case Study Analysis Paper revised
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 A recruiter from the ABC, Inc. hired 15 trainees and told his boss that he would have them working by July.  His supervisor asked if he had everything in order to make this happen; training schedules, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug test. He reassured his boss that he had everything in order.   Carl became concerned and thought that he probably should go back over the files.  The recruiter discovered that some of the new trainees did not have complete applications or transcripts on file, and none of them had been sent to the clinics for their mandatory drug screen.  He decided to check his orientation manuals and found only three copies with several pages missing from each.  He also decided to check the training room to see if he still had his reservations set up for the date.  He quickly discovered that Technology Services, with setting up the room for a training.  They had the room scheduled for the same time.

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