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BUS508_assignment 3
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America is the third largest oil producer in the world. Combined, America and Canada produce almost as much oil per day as Saudi Arabia. Oil produced in America, Canada, and Mexico provides almost 60 percent of our domestic consumption. So, when ‘experts’ try to explain away high oil prices by stating that we have no choice but to be subject to state-owned oil companies, many of which are from countries whose leaders interests are antithetical to ours, it is a clear sign that they are either misguided, deliberately misleading, or both. So can Washington's policymakers and President Obama do about them?  The American Energy Act of 2011 enhances the energy security of the United States.  For decades, our nation has been restricted by overly burdensome regulations and legislation that prevent Americans from producing homegrown energy.  This bill puts power back into the hands of the American people.   

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