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An inequality is an equation that can be used to determine if something is equal to, less than or greater than something else. By using inequalities we can figure out the relative size of two values and judge based on the inequality if they are big or small or there is too much or not enough of a given object. For instance, if a bakery receives an order where the customer wants to receive cupcakes and cakes, the baker would use a specific amount of flour for each cake and cupcakes. It takes one and a half cups of flour to make each cupcake while a cake takes two cups of flour and the baker is making 25 cupcakes and four round cakes an inequality could be used to determine how much flour is needed to fill the customer’s order. If we added the that the baker has 9 cups of flour we could use an inequality to figure out if there is or is not enough flour to complete the order and if not how much more would be needed. 

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