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Organizational Structure and Culture Paper
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My current workplace is the geriatric care department inside of a community hospital and operates within the classical theory. This model is made up of a managerial plan that partially separates the specific job and identifying the particular responsibilities.  It allows the various departments to operate with good organization skills by allowing the employees unusual duties to complete. Departmental and interest of work diminishes the amount of work from the worker, which may also enhance expertise all the way through the establishment. The managerial formation of the workplace is how each and every branch is set up, control is sustained, and communicating with employees is accomplished in an official organization. Supervision and managerial structures in the medical organizations must be improved to let each employee of the departments upgrade the value of nurture they distribute to patients. A functional structure also relates to my workplace because all of the workers are placed in divisions by area of expertise and it explains the duties and jobs that relates to the employees in their departments. 

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