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Organizational Philosophy and Technology Paper
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Organizations and units acclimatize to technology countenance with the intent to accomplish definite and particular product. Consequently, individuals may employ technology in a way that the inventor of the technology did not fathom the invention processes. The influence of technology arise from how end users  use it in the direction of suiting his or her own ends, this means the use technology can induce to equally voluntary and involuntary ramification. Technology is one of the emergent products in society.   Technology is a necessity to the mode by means of which businesses run today.  The use of technology today is many and varies from a positive to abuse, and fraudulent users.  This paper will define ethics and how an organization uses ethics to maintain standard and guidelines for its philosophy. The paper will also address how ethics can influence the type of organizational environment or culture and how organizations promotes  the use technology to carry out human resources responsibilities influences organizational culture.

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