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Falls in acute care settings are a common occurrence. This has led to the introduction of the concept of hourly rounding by nurses in order to minimize those falls. However, this is significantly hampered by nurses’ shortage.

Nursing shortage is a global crisis that all nations are trying to grapple with. Patients suffer because of the shortage of nursing shortage in the healthcare sector due to incapability to handle the crisis effectively (ACCN, 2010).  According to the Center for Nursing Advocacy, causal factors such as poor working conditions, inadequate resources for nursing, the ever aging nursing workforce, expanded career opportunities for women who traditionally were in the nursing profession, and the increasing complexity of healthcare technology have been advancing the acuteness (ACCN, 2010). Scholars indicate that not much is known concerning the increasing shrinkage in the professional nursing workforce worldwide. The growing healthcare needs and the diminishing number of nursing care providers pose a serious challenge to nation’s worldwide (Litte & Johnet al., 2012). 

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