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NUR440 Case Study 5 Renal
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ML is a 32-year-old African-American woman who was involved in a motor vehicle crash (MVC) 3 days ago. She was driving the vehicle when she lost control of the car and slid off the side of the road hitting the embankment. Her history is significant for diabetes. Her medication regimen includes insulin 70/30 for which she takes 12 units in the morning and evening.

On admission, her weight was 125 pounds. Her skin was pale and cold. Her vital signs were as follows: BP = 78/40 mm Hg; P = 140 bpm; RR = 42/min and shallow. She was disoriented and confused. Bony deformities were obvious in the left and right shins. She was diffusely tender to touch, more so over her right chest.

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