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NTC406 Individual week 3
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Video is a medium for the broadcasting, recording, and copying of moving visual images. Bandwidth for video is varies depending on the quality but, normal bandwidth for 320x180 resolution screen is 250 kbps. Video conferencing requires 270 kbps bandwidth.

For video streaming and conferencing a specified bandwidth is required which must be maintain separately. Normal bandwidth for voice for peer to peer is 24kbps. For audio conferencing 46.1 kbps is required and does not need high bandwidth, to be maintained separately. Recording format encodes data for storage on a storage medium. File format encodes data for storage in a computer file. Bandwidth varies for different types of data. The minimum bandwidth for data is in byes and maximum is in mega byes for data transfer. Data transfer rate depends upon the type of file. The data can be transfer in low bandwidth but in that case it will require too much time. If it does not need high bandwidth, there is no need to be maintained separately.

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