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NR130 Study Guide
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This guide consists of 3 pages to steer you through the quizzes in weeks 1 – 7 and the comprehensive final in week 8. The presentation is different from a standard study guide in that each week is not addressed in a separate document as the study requirements are basically the same for all of Pharmacology. The first page and a half covers what you need to know for each drug class and each prototype drug while the second part covers what you don’t need to know.


The basic technique for figuring out what you must know about drugs is to ask yourself – what is the nurse’s role in drug administration? Then use the nursing process to organize those responsibilities.


Remember -- quizzes and the final cover all the material, including assigned reading and online lessons. The online lessons address only those drug classes where prototype drugs are selected but you should know about the drug classes in all the assigned chapters in the textbook. You are not responsible for details of non prototype drugs.


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