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LAS432_Week2_Nanotechnology in Manufacturing_Resource Review_Answer
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Andre in this article has emphasized that there is almost unanimous opinion among proponents and sceptics alike that the full potential of nanotechnology requires attention to safety issues. Already there are outcries from environmental activists calling for a worldwide moratorium on Nano-Materials research and marketing until protocols are in place to ensure worker safety. Science fiction novels and news media reports have also perpetuated a scary scenario in which self-replicating nanoscale robots consume all available materials, ultimately strangling the planet. Although this scenario is implausible from energy as well as a structural assembly viewpoint, it points to the need to develop a rational, science-based approach to nano-toxicology. Such an approach is feasible and should be implemented to ensure the safe manufacturing and marketing of engineered nano-products. In this part of research, I would concentrate upon the safety evaluations of Nano-Materials and look at the proactive approach and regulatory framework/decisions. Nano-materials are engineered structures with at least one dimension of 100 nanometers or less. 

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