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LAS432 Revised Paper Week 6
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When the words, robotic surgery, are presented when discussing options for surgical procedures most people begin to feel a sense of anxiety of the unknown and references to a world of science fiction that is thought to only exist in planets beyond ours. The patients seem frightened yet intrigued by the idea when first presented as an option for treatment by their trust physicians. Doctors have been preforming complicated surgeries on the heart to simple surgery such as a hysterectomy that used to be complicated before the use of robotics.   Without a face and the ability to breathe the well-equipped the robot is controlled from a room with a physician assisting however not close up and actively participating in the surgery like we have known the doctors to be but rather they will be behind a window. Patients who are not ready to accept this form for surgery will soon find themselves alone at an emotional crossroads in their relationship with their doctor, such as when questions about the surgery are answered in a video, on the internet, or in a webcast that will instruct the patient all about how the mechanical mechanism will replace a surgeon on the procedure and what expectations to have. I am not sure that everyone who needs a procedure is willing to accept that the robot can successfully and harmlessly complete this task and patients are nervous they will be forced to accept this in the near future without an alternative treatment option. 

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