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Critical Issue Analysis
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Everyone raises their child differently some of parents go by the book and rarely bend the rules, while others bend the rules a little more often. This does not mean we want to put our child in harms way, yet we sometimes as they get older and learn new skills we perceive things differently and allow them to be more independent, supervising less.

This critical analysis paper will examine an article by Morrongiello, Sandomierski, and Spence entitled, “Changes Over Swim Lessons in Parents’ Perceptions of Children’s Supervision Needs in Drowning Risk Situations: ‘ His Swimming has Improved So Now He Can Keep Himself Safe.’” In this paper I will provide a brief summary of the article, the article’s strengths and weaknesses. I will also investigate the source’s credibility and the utility of this information in the behavioral health field. I will also discuss the importance of evaluating information given in research studies and professional articles and publications.

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