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COM 295 Resume Summary
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  • Analyze work package and provide guidance on testing and work certification.
  • Schedule and manage over 20 subcontractors and in house trades.
  • Monitor and analyze cost and budget for a $25 million project.
  • Coordinate work between welders, pipe fitters and riggers.
  • Manage work for the entire shipyard availability lasting upwards of 9 months, covering multiple ships.
  • Examine work specifications and provide guidance on testing and work certification for entire period of performance.
  • Chair Integrated Testing Meeting with MARMC.
  • Develop Integrated Test plan for work packages.
  • Coordinate and execute a Sea Trials Agenda.
  • Plan entire work package restoration and testing phase of the availability.
  • Manage multiple ships simultaneously.
  • Mitigate any issues related to testing or sea trials.
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