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STRAYER Psy100 week 4 quiz 3 (100% Answer)
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Which of the following cultural adaptations might produce a culture that would be described as a “mosaic”?

Question 2

_______________ is the tendency to assume that your own behaviors are responsible for whatever happens to you.

Question 3

_____________ is Lazarus’ term for individuals’ interpretation of the events in their lives as harmful, threatening, or challenging and their determination of whether they have the resources to effectively cope with events.

Question 4

In ____________, individuals evaluate their resources and determine how effectively they can be used to cope with the event.

Question 5

The segregation practiced in areas of the United States until the 1960s as well as apartheid, that was policy in South Africa until recent times, would be extreme examples of the cultural adaptation of:

Question 6

__________ occurs when one must decide between two or more incompatible options.

Question 7

Often a person experiencing a(n) _____________ will delay his/her decision until the last possible moment.

Question 8

The LEAST stressful of the types of conflict is the:

Question 9

When people move into the larger culture but maintain many aspects of their distinctive cultural identity, the people have adapted to the new culture through:

Question 10

_________________ is the scientific field that explores connections among psychological factors, the nervous system, and the immune system.



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