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Given the Project Charter and Scope found in attachement, and the WBS below,
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Given the Project Charter and Scope found in attachement, and the WBS below, you are required to do the following:

  • Using MS Project, create a project schedule and align resources by following the instructions below
  1. Set the basic project information
  • Open MS Project. 
  • Click on the File button (top left), select Save as and enter the file name as (your name) cp1. For example, SmithJanecp1.mpp.
  • Click on the Project tab and select Project Information. In the Project Information dialogue box, set the start date of your project.
  • Leave other dates as is. Click on OK.

Set basic Gantt chart format (use also for tracking Gantt chart view).

  • Right click on the mouse in the gray area of the Gantt chart on the right side of the screen where the dates in month and days are for the menu and select Timescale.
  • In the Timescale dialogue box:
    • Select the Middle Tier tab set Units to Quarters.
    • Select the Bottom Tier tab set Units to Months.
  • Click on OK.

Setup the default task units to weeks

  • Click the File tab, and then click Options.
  • In the Project Options dialog box, click Schedule.
  • Under Scheduling options in this project, set the following.
    • New tasks created select Auto Scheduled
    • Duration is entered in select Weeks
    • Default task type select Fixed Duration
  • Click OK to close the dialog box.

Set up the Resource Sheet.Once you have set the defaults, we are ready to move on. If you have not done so already, you need to create the project’s work packages and activities from the Project’s WBS. Once this is done, insert your project name, deliverables, work packages, and activities in the column Task Name in MS Project.

  • Enter the task durations in the Duration Column.
  • Enter the predecessor(s) for each task in the predecessors column. If there is no duration or predecessor listed, leave the column blank. Note: If you do not see the Predecessors Column, move the vertical line between the Entry Form and the Gantt chart to the right to reveal the column. Click on the line and drag to move it. Columns can be expanded or contracted individually to accommodate information the same way column width is adjusted in MS Excel.
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