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MAR3803 Exam 4 New (2017)
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Question 1

4 out of 4 points

Marketing companies monitor and evaluate the impact of their advertising on their target audiences by investing in research to measure the result of their advertising campaigns. Usually, the most important information to discover is:

the target audience's awareness of the brand name

the frequency that the target audience sees/hears the ads

advertising awareness and familiarity of the key ad message points by the target audience(s)

the amount of sales the ads generated from the target audience

Question 2

4 out of 4 points

A company that wants its sales people motivated to sell its products, but also to service their customers after the sales are made would select which compensation plan?

Combination of salary and bonus for sales above quota

Straight salary.

Straight commission.

Combination of salary and commission.

Question 3

4 out of 4 points

One downside to using public relations is its lack of credibility.



Question 4

4 out of 4 points

Creating a plan to connect supply to demand is an example of:

managing logistics and the customer experience.

sales forecasting, production planning and inventory control.

order processing, storage and transportation.

all of the above.

Question 5

4 out of 4 points

A firm that wants to attract new consumers, reward loyal customers, or increase the repurchase rate of occasional users would be best served by sales promotion.



Question 6

4 out of 4 points

If Vick's, the maker of Nyquil cold medicine, uses its advertising to contrast its ingredients and benefits to those of Sudafed, Nyquil's advertising is an example of _______________ advertising.

comparative or persuasion advertising

informative or USP advertising

Reminding or demonstration advertising

reminder or point-of-purchase advertising

Question 7

4 out of 4 points

In designing brilliant marketing plans, the "game within a game" of getting internal alignment and approval is more important than the marketing plan itself. Which of these internal barriers can foil brilliant marketing plans?

a focus on quarterly results

too much influence by the sales force

"the voice of the customer" research

all of the above

Question 8

4 out of 4 points

With the opening and growth of Florida Blue retail health insurance stores, marketers at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida should anticipate...

the centers losing their uniqueness as competitors copy the idea with centers of their own.

brokers moving their business to other carriers in protest of the competition that these retail centers pose to them.

positive publicity stemming from the uniqueness of buying health insurance at a retail "store."

all of the above.

Question 9

4 out of 4 points


Jeremy is creating a new product for hikers and walkers. He is considering various distribution approaches that he could use to support his marketing goals in light of the current market environment. Soon he will determine the number and kind of distribution channels he will use and then select specific channel partners and distribution logistics. Jeremy is:

developing the marketing mix for his new product

creating his marketing plan

engaged in distribution planning and strategy

identifying his product's "value chain"

Question 10

4 out of 4 points

Geico's multi-topic advertising campaign is an example of:

Slice-of-life creative strategy

Demonstration advertising

Lifestyle advertising at its best.

advertising aimed at various customer segments using a single POD.

Question 11

4 out of 4 points


Wonder Bread Company manufacturers food products with very short shelf life. Wonder's goal for its logistics system is to maximize its profit opportunity. The "formula" Wonder uses to find the lowest total cost of logistics adds up its total freight costs, plus its total fixed warehouse costs, plus total variable warehouse costs, plus total cost of lost sales due to average delivery delays. Is Wonder using the correct "formula" to reveal their lowest overall logistics cost (i.e. their highest profit opportunity)?



Question 12

4 out of 4 points


The advantage of using social media such as Facebook in a media plan is that it can stimulate a lot of positive "buzz" or word-of-mouth advertising without the risk that it might generate bad "buzz."



Question 13

 4 out of 4 points

The ____________ method of establishing a marketing communication budget is generally the best because it values promotion as an investment and doesn't rely entirely on sales to determine how much it can afford.

Objective-and-task method

Top down method

Bottom up method

competitive-parity method

Question 14

4 out of 4 points

Chapter 13 describes one-to-many (mass media) communication devices and describes "noise" as anything that interferes with effective communication including "ad clutter" (many ads clamoring for our attention). Advertisers can most successfuly overcome "ad clutter" by advertising even more -- by increasing their mass media advertising presence so that they overpower the competing ads.



Question 15

4 out of 4 points

To market a new product, a company might use a "pull" strategy rather than a "push" strategy if:

it has very strong relations with its distribution channels.

its channels are hesitant to stock its new product.

its sales force has been very successful getting wholesalers and retailers to handle its new products in the past.

it has a small advertising budget.

Question 16

4 out of 4 points

Which is true of market-logistics systems?

So-called cross-docking systems are likely to add costs and also value.

The best supply chain management systems use "just-in-time-inventory."

They cannot simultaneously maximize customer service and minimize distribution costs.

Transportation is a more important element of logistics than storage.

Question 17

4 out of 4 points

Marketers focus on the wants of their target customer segments because they can't be all things to all people. But when it comes to customer service consumers generally prefer either a high touch (personal service) approach or a high tech (self service) approach. Even for a company striving to develop its superior customer service as its point-of-difference, it is inadvisable to attempt to deliver both high tech and high touch equally well.



Question 18

4 out of 4 points

Levi's has expanded its jeans into new channels such as Wal-Mart in order to grow. Is that also risky?

No, it just increases opportunities for consumers to buy jeans.

Yes, it will raise their production costs.

Yes, it could damage their brand image and relationships with traditional channels.

No, today's companies are expected to expand their products into as many sales channels as possible.

Question 19

4 out of 4 points

Retail-store assortments have grown more alike leading conventional chains to increase service and locations. This has created an opportunity for new, low-price, low-service competitors.



Question 20

4 out of 4 points

Home Depot stores often hold do-it-yourself seminars and demonstrations in their stores for customers. Home Depot is trying to become a retail "destination location" by employing:

atmospherics to set the shopping mood

a stimulating, interactive shopping environment

differentiated merchandising

a unique store design



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